Marco Paolini: A Deep Map breaks new ground in the field of Italian political theatre by outlining the unique approach of one of Italy’s most celebrated playwrights, Marco Paolini, whose work has hitherto remained mostly inaccessible to English-speaking audiences.
Tigers and the CEO describes the epic encounter between two characters representing, respectively, the realm of emotions and the logic of business.
Exhale, Exhale explores the many facets of love, including nostalgia, separation, and newly-found happiness.
Poetry in Italian about love and place -- places for love, and love for places.
Ethical reflection is fundamental for understanding the individual and his relations with the world and for understanding how social customs and values ​​change over time. That literature and theater have an ethical inspiration, or that they must have it, is a widely debated topic in the contemporary theoretical landscape.
"Ma non lo senti com’è stretto il cielo tra la galassia pedemontana e la laguna mondo?"
Mediterranoesis (co-editor)
Circumnavigating the Mediterranean coasts and beyond, the essays contained in this volume recount - through the analysis of distinguished scholars specializing in the history of medieval and Renaissance culture - legends, fairy tales, historical experiences, voices, ideas, narratives that circulated among peoples and the Mediterranean people in the X to XVI centuries.